Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On a scale of Ten ?

ESQUINA SOLLANO 9x12 ins. oil on panel
 This one was from Monday's plein air session in which Donna and I had absolutely zero students show up! Yes, the busy season is really winding down. - must confess though, we enjoyed the peace and quiet. Donna located about 30 feet away and had the park car wash (north park side) guy watch every stroke she made - business was a bit slow for him that day too I guess. Her painting did survive the close scrutiny - the Sr. gave her a 10 on the scale and assigned me a niner ................. oh well, there is always room for improvement.

SPRING MORNING 9x12 ins. on panel

I missed last weeks plein air, so this was from 2 weeks back. I don't know where the Senor would place this one on his scale. It would be interesting to see his reaction. The style is quite different of course.
What is quite interesting about this scene is that the week after we painted this tranquil street a small contingent of mural painters was unleashed on the neighborhood, totally transforming the place. Everyone is waxing ecstatic about the result. Sorry folks - I find the effect of murals painted on walls abominable. To me, this typical, already colorful Mexican neighborhood, with a spirit all it's own has been trashed - it's prior identity submerged under something too loud and strident. People used to have more sense at one time.
.................So go crucify me...............

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  1. Tom...I agree with you about the murals. A fun neighborhood event, but most of them are not very good and I love the traditional colors of he buildings as they are. There were two I liked...is all.