Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dos Chiquitas

"Main Plaza, Comonfort" 9x12 ins. oil on panel
This was from our Meetup group trip to Comonfort a couple of weeks ago. As always we had a great day and stayed to do another in the afternoon. The town is very Mexican - we didn't see another gringo all day! The people are really friendly and were pretty fascinated by a dozen painters dropping out of the sky. As is usual I did finish work on these two back home - no re-drawing and the color was pegged on location but I work slowly and contentedly doing plein air and almost never bring them to completion while on site. As time goes on I get faster and sometimes get pretty close to completion but I usually find something to fuss over back in the studio. But my technique is a lot rougher and looser than it used to be and it's slowly drifting more in that direction all the time.

"San Antonio centro" 10x10 in. oil on panel
This one was painted with Donna's Monday morning plein air class last week. The sun kept peeking in and out so the light and those tree shadows were a bit of a challenge.
Last winter we saw essentially no rain and very little cloud between September and June. This winter has been quite cloudy with a fair bit ( for central Mex.) of rain thrown in. We're hoping the present forecast for sunny weather holds, as Donna's 6 day workshop in and near San Miguel is about to begin. We're both looking forward to painting outside every day for a week and we most enjoy painting sunshine! - funny how you don't get sick of it .....................