Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A couple of views of Donna's new studio/classroom/gallery. We're still hanging paintings and generally getting things arranged. - Not too fond of the pink fireplace but understand, ........ the whole room was pink when we moved in! Ugh. The landlords didn't want us to paint over it but we made it a "make or brake" rental issue and they folded (regana dientes, - as the say down here). The whole casa is very beautiful and I'll post some more pics from our rooftop, soon. - maybe today .... I seem to be in that 'ol bloggin mood, somehow.

The Parroquia from Umaran
18x14 in. oil on panel

The Old Gas Pump 14x18 in. oil

Reicker's Ranch 9x12 in. oil


Oh, - I just remembered. This is supposed to be about painting pictures, - isn't it? O.K. -Here are some more I've done lately. We've had a print made of "Morning Light" and a few of our other most popular things from the past couple of years ................. I'll maybe post a few of those too.

New Paintings


This painting "Over the Rooftops" is actually done from our new rooftop terrace in centro San Miguel. Yes, that's right - we moved yet again! The countryside was nice but all we seemed to be doing was heading downtown repeatedly over some very bumpy roads. First we broke an essential suspension part on the car ( which was very hard to replace ) followed by the electrics rattling loose on our trusty moto. Enough is enough and we're happy to be back 2 blocks from the Jardin and Parroquia. The new place is great and we both have a nice studio to paint in. We plan to be here for some time but then ........ you never know for sure, - do you? I haven't posted for almost 3 months now as things have been wildly, unusually, crazy/busy. I wont go into the details here but rest assured the"road of life" has been pretty lumpy too. My oh My there are some nutty people who end up in San Miguel de Allende!
Anyway, things have settled down in the nicest way and we're getting back to some serious painting. We've been selling a few things through the new gallery (Izamal) on Mesones and we're busily getting Donna's Studio/Gallery ready for a hopefully active winter season. Her studio is in a spacious 350 year old casa with high boveda ceiling, capped with an ancient cupula. It's perfect for her art classes - it's got big colonial era"bulls eye" windows, high up on the street side for natural light. It also stays warm even over these cold winter nights because the walls are over 2 feet thick and solid. Also, because our studios and apartment are all in the same location we get to see more of each other during the day, which is a definite plus for us (even after 40 years!). I'll post some pictures of the new place soon. We have a barn owl living in a palm tree about 100 yards from us and every night after the sunset has faded over Guanajuato he/she flies out over the town. It sometimes flies a few loops around the Parroquia towers - we haven't spoken to anyone who has noticed it - they probably think it's an oversize night flying pigeon. It's got a friend too and you sometimes see them in the middle of the night chasing around. Then, when there's a glimmer of dawn in the eastern sky ................. it's back into the rustling palms for the day. - what a life. 'Course you gotta have a taste for rats and pussycats, I guess.