Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Perfect Day at San Miguel Viejo

"AUTUMN, SAN MIGUEL VIEJO" 14x18 ins. oil on canvas

This is from our last plein air day and it was one of the most pleasant days painting I can remember. It was identical to what we used to call back home in Ontario an "Indian Summer Day" - not too hot, not too cold, with a gentle, soft breeze and this golden, quiet afternoon glow to everything. We were surrounded by farm animals and even they seemed especially content. When we arrived a mother cow was licking the face of her calf and when we left she was still soggily at it. An untethered colt came up the path kicking his heels and settled down to munching in the field next to us. Yes, it was a prime day - even the farmers seemed to get it and were extra friendly. When it came time to go we all just kind of bumbled around with no desire to leave. Painting on location is practically always enjoyable but sometimes it's just too cool.

On Thursday we're off to the beach for a couple of weeks of teaching and painting different subject matter (not to mention some nice bobbing in the waves). We'll be going to Rincon de Guayabitos first, crossing to Baja for a meet up with old friends and finally returning to Mazatlan for a few days. I probably shant get around to posting for the next month. (Sorry, - I know it's going to be hard but you'll just have to suck it up and be patient.) God  or  whatever willing, we should be back in a few weeks sporting a good tan and fine attitude.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"November Fields" 14x18 ins. oil on canvas
We're going back to the same location tomorrow afternoon. I liked this scene right away when I saw it but realized that the corn stalk stacks and all that stubble were going to be a challenge and a half. It turned out O.K. I think but IT WAS A BIT OF A CHALLENGE! The whole thing has that kind of forlorn, "waiting for the first snows" kind of look.................. of course we could be in for a very long wait. That's a dormant volcano in the background and we did spy snow on the upper slopes one cold morning a few years back. We had a maid back in the 80's who saw flakes in the air when she was a little girl. 
People used to tell us that they couldn't move south permanently because they would miss the changing seasons - fact is the seasons do change here, only they just don't slide into that long, ghastly deep freeze one and all seasons are plein air painting seasons. You just have to find a little shade from time to time when it gets too hot. Am I gloating? You bet - this place is a painters delight!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

new ones ..........

..... so far untitled. Les will recognize this one. We had a great day together a week or so ago. We started in the morning at the Presa and ended up painting near Dolores Hidalgo later on, 'till about 5 pm. It was very gray by the late afternoon so I added a little sunshine back in the studio.

Well now .................... I see I have taken a picture of the wrong one. I meant to post the other we did that day but this one was from a few days prior - Elaine will recognize this'n ......so confusing to the old man! It is from the Presa area however - no cigar I guess but close. I will put the other on real soon.