Thursday, September 9, 2010


The painting is of "ten ten pie", a popular outdoor corner cafe
in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. It was painted entirely on location about a year ago.The Amazon ad is for a new book by John Scherber which aims to council people on the joys and pitfalls of retirement in our little town south of the border. It's a compilation of interviews with folks who have already made the move .... more or (sometimes) less successfully. It's a small but representative sampling and the book is full of insight - an interesting read.
"Ten ten pie" is, by the way, the term that the Mexicans apply to the snack they have between breakfast and the main meal (comida- at about 2 pm.) of the day.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The last one of 3 night scenes around the Jardin

Warm Summer Evening
oil on canvas
30x30 ins.

The photo isn't the best but you "get the picture" so to speak. There are a lot of changes going down around here lately. The month of august was about a total washout for the gallery and coming as it did on the heels of a lousy July in which very few of the summer tourists made it down, we have decided to close the gallery. We made this final decision a couple of weeks ago and we have made other arrangements for the exhibition of our work. Strangely, today was one of the best days the gallery has had over the year in which it was open. Nine paintings went out the door under the arms of various happy shoppers! As weird as this is, we are not about to alter our decision. Over the year the gallery made a profit but the last 4 or 5 months were excruciatingly boring. All the galleries in town are feeling the pinch but one in particular is still quite active and we're pretty enthusiastic about joining them. Galeria Izamal has a great location right next to the historic Angela Peralta theater, with some of the best restaurants and night life near at hand. We like the people and beginning on the 15th of the month we'll both be gracing their walls with Dickson originals. Also we'll be displaying a few from mid October on, in the Frank Gardner Gallery. He is a great guy and a fine painter himself, with an already solid reputation in the states. He happens to have the gallery a few doors down from ours on Zacateros, having been there for many years. He's not having his best year either, of course but he has a good following in town and beyond and over the coming years I think it should be a good relationship for all. Frank has friends among some of the finest painters in America today. They come to town from time to time and it's kind of startling to unexpectedly happen upon a real master or two painting in the Jardin on occasion.
We also will be putting some things in the Aurora studios complex at the Generator Gallery, starting the beginning of October. Beyond this, there is an on-line San Miguel art auction thing about to happen and we're climbing aboard that as well.
It should be interesting to see how these various venues work out over the next while. We actually have no regrets about leaving the responsibility of our own gallery behind and are quite enthusiastic, in fact. Donna has just rented a much better studio space for the giving of her well attended classes. It's just down Zacateros, the other direction from Franks and the north light is superb. I'm tempted to set up my easel there too but I fear it might be a bit distracting. At any rate we are trying to keep up a presence on calle Zacateros so that people can still find us when we suddenly vanish during their absence from this fair town. ............... enuf, enuf fer now, 'till next time, T.D.
Warm Summer Evening