Monday, June 21, 2010

us in Juarez Park

Summer Afternoon 16x20in. oil T.D.

Quiet Interlude 12x14in. oil D.D.

The photo of us painting in Juarez Park was taken by Wilhelm Kopa, one of Donna's students and a damned good photagrapher. I can't remember what he must have said to crack us up but it must have been good to get 'ol Tom smilen. Donna's "Quiet Interlude" was started on location at cafe Via Organica about a week ago and now resides in the window of Galeria los Laureles. The "Summer Afternoon" was done about the same time and now sits right next to the aforementioned "Donna" in that same window. The two of them are getting a lot of attention from the sidewalk but as yet we're still not getting a lot of traffic through the gallery........... the result of an unfortunate combination of many factors. We are entertaining the Mexicans however and they are in general a very appreciative lot.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some of Donna Dickson's Recent Work

Summer Morning - the jardin 11x15 watercolor

Early Morning Ancha 9x12 oil

Flores y Libros 10x10 watercolor

Fresh Flowers 15x11 watercolor

Morning near the Presa 9x12 oil

Esquina de Canal 9x12 oil

As promised! This is just a sampling of what Donna has been doing over the last month or so. Didn't I tell you she was good .................. Oh, by the way she's my wife if anybody doesn't know. However prejudice (or fear for that matter) clouds my vision not a bit. She's a very busy painter these days, Not only does she teach 3 or 4 classes a week but she does quite a lot of store minding to boot. We still try to get out painting on our own from time to time and sometimes it works out that we do.
It's been really hot lately and the tourists are few and far between here in San Miguel. Things will no doubt pick up when the Texans descend on the place as they always do later in June. - we'll keep you posted.........