Saturday, September 17, 2011

Upcoming Plein Air Painting Workshop Feb. 24th.-Mar. 2nd. 2012

"Back from the Market" 11x15in. watercolor Donna Dickson

"Reflections in Glass" 8x6in. oil Donna Dickson

"Blanca's Patio" 14x18in. watercolor Donna Dickson

"En el Mercado" 9x12in. oil Donna Dickson

Just to let people know that my fellow artist and wife Donna is giving a Plein Air painting workshop here in San Miguel de Allende the week of Feb. 24th. to Mar. 2nd. 2012. She is the best teacher of oils and watercolors in town and her workshop promises to be rewarding, exciting and fun. She knows all the best places to paint and dine and the best hotel choices in town.
If you're interested, check out the details here:

Workshop Details

Thursday, September 8, 2011

.....A Couple of New Ones.........

"Callejon Cruz del Pueblo" 28x22ins. oil on canvas
I always love painting on this calle - no traffic! -it's always quiet and beautiful and the folks who live up there all seem to understand what we're doing. A hard climb to get up there without benefit of taxi but worth it. All you can hear is a distant, white, city noise, overlayed by bird song. I think this painting kind of sums up what I feel about the place.

"Across the Rio Laja" 24x36ins. oil on canvas
This scene is right where the Rio Laja spills into the Presa Allende. The town is actually quite nearby but you'd never know it from over the other side of the river, - another quiet, enchanting place. I was trying very hard to get the air and the passing cloud shadows happening in this one.

Monday, September 5, 2011

View from the "Luna Bar" atop the new Rosewood complex

San Miguel Vista 22x28 ins. oil on canvas
This was a commissioned piece I just finished for Robert and Debbie Burns, done from the Luna Bar on the roof of the new Rosewood complex. The challenge was to say as much as I could about a typical late summer evening with the picture featuring the Parroquia (of course) and those omnipresent summertime thunderheads for background. It's always kind of a toss-up at this time of year as to whether the sun will actually set on a clear horizon, - this particular evening it's going to be too close to call .....................