Monday, September 5, 2011

View from the "Luna Bar" atop the new Rosewood complex

San Miguel Vista 22x28 ins. oil on canvas
This was a commissioned piece I just finished for Robert and Debbie Burns, done from the Luna Bar on the roof of the new Rosewood complex. The challenge was to say as much as I could about a typical late summer evening with the picture featuring the Parroquia (of course) and those omnipresent summertime thunderheads for background. It's always kind of a toss-up at this time of year as to whether the sun will actually set on a clear horizon, - this particular evening it's going to be too close to call .....................


  1. Hi Tom
    This is beautiful! The colors, the light/shadows all so well done. I visit your blog often and enjoy studying your creations.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Steven, - you do nice work too.

  3. Mr. Dickson,

    This the most beautiful painting of San Miguel I have ever seen. I check your website every month to keep up on what you've done and this view from the Luna bar rooftop is spectacular. Any chance that giclees will be produced from this original?

    John Reiman (from Nashville)

  4. Thank you John for your nice comment. I don't usually do gicle's but we have had several other people show interest having one done for this one. I'm supposed to ship that painting off first thing tomorrow morning but if I'm to do a gicle I'll have to have a very high resolution photo taken. I can't decide on the spur of the moment but if we do that I'll post the availability on this blog when it's all ready and you can decide from there, O.K? Thanks again for your enthusiasm, Tom