Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Parroquia from Umaran
18x14 in. oil on panel

The Old Gas Pump 14x18 in. oil

Reicker's Ranch 9x12 in. oil


Oh, - I just remembered. This is supposed to be about painting pictures, - isn't it? O.K. -Here are some more I've done lately. We've had a print made of "Morning Light" and a few of our other most popular things from the past couple of years ................. I'll maybe post a few of those too.


  1. Tom, I think the painting of the old gas pump is wonderful. Fantastic light as usual. I have often thought as I walked past this corner, what a great subject that would be to paint. Great painting!

  2. Thanks Leslie. I suppose I have a special feeling for that old iconic pump. When I was first in San Miguel, way back in the summer of '67, my new found friends and I used to sometimes play billiards up in the "hall" on Mesones - just across from the pump. There were only two tables and the ambiance was not quite what we were used to back home but I can recall having a really good time and while chalking my cue idly watching the odd coche gassing up unhurriedly at the corner below (that pump being the only choice in town). Now, when I pass by, I sometimes get mildly choked up when I see that faded plastic spinner thing, never to turn again. So much has changed - San Miguel, myself, - the whole world ............