Monday, April 22, 2013

Tectonically Mexico

"A lo Largo del Rio" 30x40 ins.  oil on canvas
..... this photo is a little on the dark side - sorry, sorry, soorrry ..........

This is a largish studio painting inspired  from one of our plein air painting trips into the countryside of Guanajuato State. The rising hill on the left is actually a spur of an extinct volcano and the river is running around it's base. The whole region is peppered with these things. In fact, where we live in San Miguel is at the base of a rather large one! We don't lose any sleep over it as the vent has been inactive for over 10 million years but it does give you a sense of "the Living Planet" you're parked upon. You don't really have to go all that far from here to find some warm to hot ones either. Paricutin for example (a couple hundred miles from here) arose out of a corn field in the '1940's, buried nearby towns and is now a quarter mile high ......and there is of course, famous old Popo smoking away outside of Mexico city - plus lots more - about 1400 in all, scattered around central Mexico. Can't complain - they make for great backdrops to an exciting landscape! - Love It!

"Evening Vista, San Miguel de Allende"  24x30   oil on canvas

Looking north at sunset - the other direction from that nasty Volcano.

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