Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monday Morning on calle Aldama and YES, that is the backside of the Parroquia.

"The Parroquia from Aldama"
12x16 ins. oil on panel
This scene has been painted thousands of times in San Miguel. I myself did it years ago when we first moved here permanently. I remember it was in the afternoon (this one is morning) and from a slightly different vantage point on the street. I saw the photo of that painting a couple of months ago and if I could find where I filed it (not in the obvious place) I would post it alongside. When I saw the pic of the old one I was pretty shocked at the tightness of approach. If I come across it and remember to do so, I'll sneak it in to this post - would be an interesting comparison. I'm a lot freer in my handling of the paint these days. My colors are more vibrant too - I like the direction things are heading. And just when I thought old age was going to be boring!

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