Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A few of my paintings from the February workshop

 "Callejon Cruz del Pueblo"
12x9 in. oil on panel
from day 2 of workshop
I like this one a lot. I perched myself right at the very top of the steep callejon, with the rest of the group below me and it was so peaceful and calm - a great place to paint!

  "Umaran Corner"
9x12 ins.

"Magazine Seller"
12x9 in.

This one was a demo done inside the studio for the students when it turned a bit cooler on the 4th. day. I used a photo from Guanajuato and laid the color over a medium dark background. I explained what I was doing during the process and the students seemed to feel they got a lot out of it. I'm not at all used to talking while I paint so it was quite an experience for me. 
I've only included these 3 paintings as I couldn't bring any of the others I started any where near completion during the workshop - I'll maybe work on the others this week.

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