Saturday, March 8, 2014

Plaza Reforma, Guanajuato

"Plaza Reforma"
12x16 ins. oil on panel
(you can refer to the March 1st entry to see how this one looked the first day)
This one was started on Thursday during our workshop outing to the city of Guanajuato. I didn't get a lot done that first go because I spent much of the morning driving around and around the underground roadway system of this fair city. I had planned to park the car in the lot we always park in but to my great surprise they had torn the street up and I had no choice but to go underground. I wouldn't say I was exactly "panicked" but It took me half the morning to figure a way out of that pickle.I finally arrived in the plaza to find most hadn't chosen their subject yet anyway.

There were lots of people coming and going  but I decided the scene had enough in it without the introduction of Homo Sapiens. I would however, like to know who it is that lurks behind those fancy windows on the second floor. I simplified the display of potted plants and bird cages to a considerable degree and still ................. I'm sure you get the idea. Elena (not visible low and hidden behind the hedge on the right) zoomed in and did a beautiful study of those windows and their ornamentation. There are a million scenes to paint in Guanajuato and we plan to devote a week to the project when Donna's classes slow up a bit. We usually go to the beach in April to relax but this time we'll tour the country and paint - can't wait!

And I just remembered that I worked on this one too last week but forgot to take it's photo. So, here it is. I added a few figures and did a little touch up work here and there. This one was also posted in it's raw form March 1st.
 "Church Yard"  9x12 in. oil on panel

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