Monday, March 3, 2014

Morning Shoeshine

"Morning Shoeshine"
10"x10" oil on panel

We went out with the Monday Plein Air Group this morning and settled on the north west corner of the Jardin Principal. I knew the shoe shine guy would appear at some point so I parked near where he works and started setting the scene for his arrival. He came but didn't have a single customer for the first hour or so. I was expecting some cowboy to arrive and was waiting impatiently for him when of a sudden this young kid in a yellow shirt climbs up on the shoeshine chair! Well, no cowboy hat to paint today, I thought ........but interesting nonetheless - so I squeezed out a fresh yellow gob of paint and went to work. I didn't quite resolve all the figures in the background but I decided to leave it as is - nice and fresh. 
And below:  John and I painting this morning on the northwest corner of the Jardin - centro San Miguel. I'm surprised there aren't a lot of onlookers in this photo that Donna took because every time I looked around there were at least 3 people watching intently and lots of people coming and going up and down the steps. The lady that takes your blood pressure sat down beside me for about an hour and managed to haul in a few customers from her perch on the jardin wall. She and her clients were very nice and smiley - she suggested we paint over in the city of Guanajuato some time as it's muy bonito. It was a great morning. The temperature was just right and lots of shade from the laurels to keep us out of that strong Mexican sun.

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