Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Workshop Notes

The Workshop Attendees
Back: Tom Otro, Elena, Donna, Suzi, Heather, Patty, Jacky, Tom D.
Front: Agneta, Mimi, Yvonne, Sandy, Joel
We had another great group this year! We had a good time, perfect warm weather and some even swear they learned something. We covered Color and Perspective on the first day and then put it all to practice during the week. We did a trip to nearby Guanajuato on Thursday which everyone seemed to enjoy. Some have suggested doing a week there next year -we just may do that!

All my paintings below are unfinished - done in about 2 hours for demonstration purposes.
I think I'll work on some of them in the coming week and post again when done.

 9x12 in. Jardin fountain scene
9x12 in. Churchyard demo

 12x16 in. Group Demo. at the "Parroquia" church

12 x16 in. Plaza Reforma, demo Guanajuato

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