Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obra Terminada & Calle Corregidora

"Back street, Guanajuato"  14x18 ins. oil on panel
$850. U.S.

I'm still a little uncertain about "The Rug". I only included it in the beginning because I didn't like the way the eye was just going to fly up that callejon - instinct told me it needed a little transition element there. In the original photo taken before I started the picture, the shadow fell partially across the upper right part of the grate (let's stop calling it a rug - really!) and I think it would have worked better because it would have been sort of partially obscured - camouflaged if you will. At any rate, I just had to try it - nothing ventured / nothing gained. I think the figure worked pretty well - though she looks a bit like she might of flown in from Oaxaca. In my opinion the overall composition is, in the end, pretty interesting. There is a lot of movement to be sure, but still - you can't help but return to that hike up the hill. I was happy with the color, the light, the sense of place and the loose handling ....................
Now, please tell me what You think. If you like you can be scathing with your criticism. I tend to follow my own impulses, with little or no regard for convention. I need your feedback!

the original photo

 "Calle Corregidora"  12x9 ins. oil on panel
$450. U.S.

The photo of this one came out a lot cooler than the actual picture. It's been cloudy lately and I take these things under natural light. Again, the addition  of the figures helped. I suppose I could have left most of the other fiddling out ......... just gotta muck with 'em ................


  1. Great! Love the way the shadows move around the corner and up the street. Also like the saturated color on the shady side of the street. Donna

  2. Yeah but you have to say something nice or I'd beat you. If I was one of your students you'd probably cut it to ribbons!

  3. Oh, by the way; you don't have to be a practicing painter to critique these things. All opinions are welcomed. I think I'll be able to spot the psychopathic ones - at least I hope so ............

  4. With the figure stopping the eye from running directly up the street, I'm not sure the grate is necessary.

  5. You're right Les. I don't think a viewer would even really see the thing now and that's a good solution as far as I'm concerned.
    By the way - I got to thinking about that object and it occurred to me that it's probably not an open sewer grate at all. Guanajuato has this underground road system (as you know) - I think it's actually a ventilator shaft! Next time I'm over there I'll bring some resolution to this issue. I'll sneak up on that grate and use my nose.