Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Stuff

"Valley of the Rio Laja"  47x 56 ins. oil on canvas
This was a commission for David Martin I just completed last week.
I'm not all that used to doing BIG BIG pictures but in the end I enjoyed it and plan to do some more around that size. The "Plein Air Monday" group will be going back up tomorrow afternoon to the location depicted in the painting. I hope we get some good afternoon clouds - it's a really dramatic spot. You're on this elevated limestone mesita with a long view way up the valley and there are lots of scrubby mesquits around to furnish a little shade. I'm hoping there won't be much water in the river as we have to cross it but it should still be pretty dry. However, we'll have to keep an eye on the weather - we start getting afternoon thunderstorms about this time of year and a miscalculation over a big one could strand the car on the wrong bank for quite some time.

"Iglesia San Jose"  9x12 in. on panel
 This was from the plein air groups outing 2 weeks ago. It was amazingly quiet - the street was torn up in front so no traffic was getting through. It could have been several hours spent painting in the far off countryside - just nearly silent painters and bird song.
 "Below el Chorro" 9x12 in.
.......and this was from 3 weeks back. I was really happy with this one as it was all completed during the one session ...... I'm pleasantly surprised that the work is moving along quicker these days. AND ... better yet! - it keeps becoming more enjoyable as the years flit away. I don't know whether it shows at all but the plein airs are usually done in a veritable parroxism of pleasure. There is nothing better than painting on location. You are forced to be keenly observant, inventive and economical in your approach. It is true that during the learning stages there can be very little in life more frustrating but for the obstinately patient there is a big reward of satisfaction lurking near the end of the tunnel. 

"The old Clock Tower - El Chorro" 9x12 in.
......... and having made those comments above ......... here is the one from last Monday that I fussed over for nearly the whole next day in the studio. I like it but the effect was pretty much there after the original 3 hours on location and a lot fresher looking too.

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