Sunday, May 30, 2010


I've been working on a couple of larger paintings and had just about completed them but inspiration struck and I went off on a bit of a tangent. The result is as you see above. Yes, palette knife work and a decided emphasis on color. Where might this be going? I'm now half way through another one done with the knife and still finding it all pretty exciting. Not that I haven't used the knife in the past but this time it felt different and a better fit with what I want to "express" at this point. The thing was done in a whirlwind of pleasure and most of last week flitted by without my being much aware of the time ................ yes, it does fly by when you're having fun, too! Last month's trials have faded into semi-obscurity, by the way. Our gallery computer is back up and running with our precious files expertly reloaded and I can hardly remember our other gripes. Tempting to say " life is good " but I don't say stuff like that. I'll try to get back to finishing the nearly completos and post them, real soon. Also I think it's time to post a few of Donna's too, ( she's doing some pretty marvelous stuff these days ).

By the way, one of my host of followers ( Robin ) has put some of her photos of subjects I've painted up on her site, side by side with the plein airs, for comparison's sake. She also wrote some nice remarks about my work - if you want to check this out:

'till later, Tom.


  1. love this painting,Tom! It's a cross between Edward Hopper and a darker artist like Goya. Beautiful. Is it expensive to live in San Miguel d'Allende? My pastel mentor Albert Handell use to go to this place often to paint market scenes. Do you work more in the studio than in plein air? Your work is excellent as are your wife's watercolors. Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Paul. I like your pastels too - nice colour and atmosphere. You asked about how much plein air we do? - it's about 50/50 with studio work and is by far the most exciting painting we do. But of course there's a lot to be said for studio results too - you get a lot more serious in design etc.of course. I do think you learn a lot about colour and light painting on location. Happy painting, Tom.