Friday, May 14, 2010

Calle Canal 9x12 oil

May Morning 9x12 oil

Time flies. But I had thought it did so as a direct function of how much fun you might be having. Well, the last weeks have not been a "barrel of laughs" and yet they've slid by with alarming speed. I'll not burden my legion followers with fine detail but will touch lightly on but a few of the "high" points. Firstly, about 6 weeks ago we got word that our rental house that we'd just got used to was being actively sold from under us. Secondly, our altogether faithful and seemingly robust coche decided to break down half way through the move to new quarters. Thirdly, the astute parts people in this little town could come up with respuestos for neither amor ni dinero. (we finally tracked them down ourselves over the net but it took the better part of a thousand miles round trip to actually get them on the car, with much appreciated help from Donna's non-complaining brother) Fourthly..................... it still sets my jaw to stiffen ...................... just before we set out on the adventure to retrieve the parts .................... our here-to-fore faithful and seemingly robust business computer decided to swallow up all our records. A "registry problem" according to the small explanatory box which was the only on-screen item left within our power to access. Fifthly, I've had a lot of trouble adjusting to my new studio where everything is more or less backwords to what I've been used to.
But! I'm here to inform all who have the slightest concern that as of about the last week things seem to be rebounding some-ut and riding on the confidence of this new-found "roll" I am posting the 2 new 9x12's done recently in town&country. I'm also working on 2 larger studio things which are pretty interesting, so maybe the new space and I are reaching some kind of understanding. -I'll post these two real soon, barring any new set-backs. On the gallery front, things have really slowed down here in San Miguel. May is acknowledged as being the weakest month for tourism and this year seems to be worse than ever. I think next year we will just close up 'till mid June. - 'til later, Tom.

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