Thursday, November 13, 2014

 "Under the Quebrada Bridge"  24 x 36 ins. oil
Since my trouble started with allergies, I've been experimenting with removing all use of solvents when painting in the studio. I used to be overly reliant on odorless turps. I think I've finally got some control over the situation and will again be doing larger work. We are also going to move to the coast at Rincon de Guayabitos (north of Puerto Vallarta) mid April. The air is a lot cleaner there with higher humidity, which I think may help my condition. We've been over there twice in the last month looking for rentals, and I've felt a lot better while there, feeling worse on my return to S.M. It's going to be quite an "uprooting" as we're pretty ensconced here in San Miguel, but we've found a perfect studio location overlooking the bay, beach and islands, high above Guayabitos on a headland - a very awe-inspiring perch! We love painting the sea, boats, clouds, mountains, etc., - this place has it all. Our plan is to return to S.M. in the summer months when it's hottest on the coast and more humid here. That way Donna can keep more in touch with her local students.They weren't too happy to hear she was leaving but they will always be welcome at our new location.We'll have to see how it goes...

"Donna Painting at ten ten pie"  9 x 12 ins. oil

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