Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From Last Week

$350. u.s.

This was the first demo for a workshop we did last week for 2 students from New York, one of whom has decided to move to San Miguel permanently! - the other is strongly considering it. Donna has posted a photo of this one mid way through - when it was mostly greys, on her blog site. I haven't given this a title yet. We're in the middle of a big move up the hill to a larger abode with a fantastic rooftop view of the whole town and beyond. I hate mooooving with a passssion but it's going to be worth it this time.. I thought I better post something now or I won't for the next few weeks as we'll be totally consumed up there for a while.

This one was the second official demo for Mary and Dan. It's not completed but almost so. I want to add some figures and a couple of other things. I'll get to that as soon as I can. We had fun with the demo thing and both of them seemed to feel they learned a lot, which I find gratifying. It's hard to verbalize and paint at the same time - a big challenge to say the least.

$350. u.s.

This one was done on Monday during our regular plein air class. Dan and Mary joined us - this time not as students - and they both did really well. They have really gotten in touch with those greys over the last week. 
There is a nice old man who lives on that corner ( behind and above the fountain ) - he really seemed to appreciate us painting up there. He's lived there all his long life - he told me he is 86 but when he talked to Donna he only admitted to 78 ...................... hmmmmm .............
When it came time to leave Mary gave the viejo Senor her painting !!! - he was delighted and amazed.

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