Monday, October 1, 2012

This morning on Recreo

3 hours into this mornings subject

We had another small class this morning as not too many student painters are in town this time of year. I was a little late to the site but Donna and Yvonne had found a really great place to paint from on this busy, busy street. There's a parking lot inside the large gate to the left and the muchachos put out pylons to keep cars from parking too close to the gate - the street is so narrow that if they parked too close, cars (especially long ones) couldn't make the turn. As it is, biggies like suburbans have to do it in 2 or 3 goes. Well, there was a small car parked behind the pylon to their backs and the 2 of them squeezed into the space left between the trunk and the pylon. Best of all, the 2 of them let me squeeze in between them to paint. It worked out fantastically well and we all had a great time. The lot gate kept the view mostly clear in front of us and the guy with the trunk behind us didn't move his car.

I don't care for the alignment of the red car, dark doorway and church dome. However, it was even worse in reality and I had to alter things a bit to get the composition to come off as well as it did. I'll put a few finishing touches on this, this afternoon or maybe in the morning when I'm a bit fresher. I could almost leave it as is but I think it would be fun to tweak it a bit.

the subject
I used some license in removing both the yellow pylon and the back of Yvonnes head. Also, I should note that it was sunny at first but I didn't get around to taking the photo 'till about noon. Remember - always take your reference photo BEFORE you begin !!!  NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!

"Calle Recreo" 9x12 ins.

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