Friday, October 28, 2011

Some more trees.............

'Toward Don Juan' 8x10 in. oil on panel
Don Juan is a little village on the other side of San Miguel's Presa, whose water level at the moment is way down, giving way to a sea of 'pink weed' in it's place. We spent a nice calm Wednesday morning trying to get those colors just right.

'October Afternoon' 8x10 in. oil on panel
Did this near S.M. Viejo during Donna's plein air class on Monday afternoon. It was a little windy but all was pleasure after we weighted our easels down with lots of rocks. Mexican autumn is a nice time to paint around San Miguel.

'Through to the Valley' 9x12 in. oil on panel
and this one was done on the afternoon of the 'Don Juan" pic.
We'll be going back to this same place on Monday afternoon with Donna's plein air group. It's a great location - sort of a park-like atmosphere, very quiet and totally beautiful. I hope I've done it
some justice. I like Mesquite trees a lot. Somebody said the other day that they find them ugly ............... I think they must be thinking of 'Sweet Acacia's' which are similar but a lot more scraggly and smaller. Mature Mesquites have a lot of personality.


  1. Wow, Tom! They get better! These really are beautiful.

  2. Thanks again Steven - must admit, I'm really gettin' into them trees!