Friday, June 17, 2011

A Raw One in the Making.

...................... and, here it is! - and Yes, I was sorely tempted to touch it up before posting it. The picture is missing all the people that were passing through and all the cafe tables, not to mention a great deal of noise and confusion. We were out there for about 3 hours in all and I worked on it for all but about 30 minutes of that time. I would have worked the whole 3 hours if it hadn't been for a couple of Senoras that came along washing windows. I'd been utilizing a window ledge as a godsend of a tool holder............ I got bumped........ and man, were they slowwwwwww......
Anyway, that's what a mornings work looks like in San Miguel. I'll work on it some more, maybe tomorrow, and will post the finished, fussed-over product. Oh, and by the way - it was a bit of a challenge, that one, with lots of onlookers - up close and personal.

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