Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few new paintings...........

"Barranca Fountain" 12x9in. oil on panel

"Sunday Afternoon at the Jardin" 9x12in. oil on panel

Morning After the Rain "Reicker's Ranch" oil on panel

Here are a couple of plein air studies from the last 2 outings with Donna's class - "Sunday Afternoon at the Jardin" and "Barranca Fountain" Also I finally completed a 14x18 started at Reicker's horse farm many months ago......... a little worked over by now but it's got the feel of the place I think. I like plein air painting the best and as time goes by I'm finding I can get them closer to a satisfying completion, right there on location. I sometimes think I should do nothing but plein air but somehow things find a way to get me stuck in the studio again. I suppose I would miss doing large elaborate things now and then, anyway. But I'm not complaining - things are going well for us and the weather has been beautiful this "winter". I see I claimed I was going to post some views from our deck last time. O.K. - I'll dip into the files and see what we have.

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