Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Another night scene just completed last week and I'm happy to report as sold yesterday! We've had several sales in the last week of both Donna and my work, so things are not all bad here. That is not to say that things are rosy, by any means. The general economic situation here is about abysmal. Tourists and residents alike are being subjected to an endless barrage of misinformation. If it's not been the swine flu it's been the narco-trafficantes - there seems to be the feeling in the air that to travel at all in Mexico is a dangerous proposition. I even saw an article in the New York Times that asked the question as to whether Mexico might be on it's way to becoming the "new Afganistan"! ............ say what? - I have my theories as to why all this is coming down the pipe but you folks will just have to do your own guesswork ...... if you're so inclined.

We are in the midst of yet another move across town. We will also be showing beginning September in the Aurora studios complex. So we are very busily occupied and will not be found hanging around the Jardin for the next while. But as stressful as these times are we are still happy beyond words to find ourselves in Mexico. No, it is not at all dangerous in the streets of San Miguel and it's still the same old sunny and colourful place as I remember 40 odd years ago. Love It! ........ talk to you soon, Tom.

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