Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Calle Codo el la Tarde 14"x18" oil on panel

Jardin Afternoon 9"x12" oil on panel

La Capilla Arriba 14"x18" oil on panel

Passing Showers 20"x24" oil on canvas

Well, well ........ March already, - how time rolls around. Bueno, I have been extremely busy with the new gallery and doing lots of painting besides. Galeria Laureles on Zacateros has been open now for 4 whole months and though just a baby is doing very well and showing strong signs of being something more than just a "flash in the pan" so to speak. It was a bit of a risk opening at this point in the worlds economic history but we felt we had something a little different to offer and the customers seem to agree. Our new bilingual gallery sitter (Marionela) is working out fine and claims she loves the job - people are saying nice things behind her back as well and we're not surprised! She's been a friend of ours now for several years and shows great to extraordinary patience with our lousy Spanish. Donna's art classes are being given on the lower level at the gallery 4 times a week now and we go out with a more advanced group of plein air painters every Friday.
Some have actually been saying that they miss our old website, so with this in mind I will try to get into some sort of gear and start posting new things, with hopefully some regularity. I just dropped off "Passing Showers" at the gallery this morning. Based on a a rather desperate attempt to draw some inspiration from this years unusually wet winter weather, I really got involved with it and am pretty happy with the result. It's a kind of a different take on the Parroquia. "La Capilla Arriba" was done at La Ermita high on the Salida Queretero above town a couple of weeks ago. "Jardin Afternoon" was last weeks plein air in the towns central square. "Calle Codo en la Tarde" is a couple of months old now but it's still available and actually in the gallery window at the moment. I should add that we do ship from San Miguel, so anyone interested in any of these could get in touch through or, of course drop by the gallery if you're in the area. Donna and Marionela would be happy to meet you. I however will most likely be firmly chained to my studio easel on a typical day ........ but you never know.


  1. I am blown away by Passing love how the street is totally soaked, the blue sky is beginning to break through and the light is glowing off the church. I can feel the raindrops dripping off my nose. Another stellar painting Tom!!

  2. Thanks Marilyn, - and you should see what all those showers did to a Mexico which is usually a study in warm grays and browns this time of year. I've never seen the landscape looking so lush. The mesquites (a kind of a see-through tree) all look exactly like apple trees from a distance - the foliage is that thick! The weather has reverted to being hot and totally dry now but with this kind of head start it's going to be an unusually green summer when the thunder clouds roll in come July. - can't wait!